Springboard Engineering Solutions, LLC

Springboard Engineering Solutions assists clients in turning an idea into a physical prototype.  Our team of experienced engineers specialize in Customer Discovery, product design, product development engineering, rapid prototyping and production readiness.

Significant Achievements: 
  • Increased revenue from commercial business contracts.
  • Vibrant intern program for mechanical engineering students from Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame.
  • Increased prototyping capabilities with additional 3D printing equipment.
Key Needs: 
  • Expand prototyping partnerships to increase the breadth and depth of materials and prototype options available to customers.
  • Continue to expand student internship program to keep client costs low.
  • Continue working with the Notre Dame Research on commercializing campus Intellectual Property.
  • Entered into a Project Management agreement with WellMetris to engineer and prototype a new medical device which plans to release v1.0 in 2016.