Ionic Liquid Solutions

Ionic Liquid Solutions enhances commercial technologies using cornerstone technology in ionic liquid chemistry to change the way industry meets customer requirements.

Significant Achievements: 
  • For our HFC-free refrigeration technology -- formed a joint venture with a European compressor manufacturer to commercialize the technology.
  • Worked with a publicly traded chemical company's venture division to qualify and quantify market demand for our technology's value proposition.
  • For our Cr(VI)-free electroplating technology, our joint venture, Trion Coatings, LLC has commenced negotiating with our technology's first licensee. 
Key Needs: 
  • For our HFC-free refrigeration technology, we are looking forward to a successful alpha and beta test of our prototype.
  • For our Cr(VI)-free electroplating technology, we are looking forward to moving the technology out of the lab and into pilot development with our first licensee.
Public Mentions: 
• Mentioned in the September 28, 2016 issue of the South Bend Tribune and its reporting on the expansion of Innovation Park at Notre Dame.