Natalie Stahl

Facility Manager

Natalie creates workable spaces that provide the flexibility and tools that assist clients in advancing their businesses and ensures that all aspects of the facility are working correctly. From general maintenance to special requests in offices or labs, she directs a team of experts that keeps this technology driven, secure facility in peek condition. “Innovation Park aims to push beyond just state-of-the-art workspaces for collaboration to surprising clients and guests with inspirational spaces, tools and toys.” Addressing a wide range of client needs throughout the span of their time at the Park, Natalie directs client orientation and biometric enrollment; network and technology set up; supplier coordination; events and meetings; maintenance issues and marketing.

Natalie brings 20+ years of experiences in creative arts, copywriting, program design, technology and entrepreneurship to her diverse role. She holds an MBA from Walden University and BA in English and Psychology from Indiana University Bloomington.